Community Masses at St Thomas More School

On the following Wednesdays the 9:30am Mass will be celebrated in the Prayer Room at St Thomas More School:

  • 18th March 2020,
  • 13th May 2020 and
  • 8th July 2020.

Mass will be followed by refreshments in the Emmaus Centre. This is an important step in strengthening the relationship between our community and the School, and parishioners are strongly encouraged to support this spiritual endeavour. Parishioners are also asked to hold the school in their daily prayers.
In order to facilitate the greatest number of parishioners possible to attend this Mass, free minibus transport will be available from Ss Philip & James Church. The minibus will leave Ss P&J Church at 9am. Parishioners are welcome to park their car at the Church and take the free minibus! (There will be no parking available at the school.)

Parishioners who make their own way to the School are asked to allow sufficient time in order to “sign-in” before the start of the Mass.