Confirmation: 13+ year-olds (Academic Year 9)

This is a joint programme between the parishes of Holy Cross and SS Philip & James. The programme runs from September to June and meetings take place at Holy Cross Church on Saturday afternoon.  As a supportive community, we grow in awareness of how much we are loved by God, explore our faith and different ways to pray, as well as enjoying each other’s company.  The young people follow the Youth Alpha Programme and the YouCat Confirmation Programme, together with an interactive study of the Mass using the Altaration course.  The group participates in the Northampton Diocesan Confirmation Retreat, usually held on a Saturday in April, which is attended by around 350 young people from across our diocese.

Special youth Masses are held on certain Saturday evenings, when Confirmation candidates and First Holy Communion children participate in the liturgy.

Young people will ordinarily be in academic year 9 (aged 13) and above at the commencement of the course. Applications are invited during June each year for the programme commencing in September.  Notices will be placed in the parish newsletter describing the application procedure and providing the date of an enrolment meeting, usually held in July.

Confirmation Programme 2019-2020 (PDF)

For further information, please contact Deacon Crispin.
Tel. 07941 884645