All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints Day 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Vigil Mass for All Saints Day and helped us to reclaim Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve) and Hallow Mass (All Saints Day) as Catholic celebrations. All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints Day are celebrations of the Light of Christ seen in the great heroes of the Faith: the Saints of God. What a contrast that is to the trivialisation of evil that we see in the secular and pagan observance of All Hallows’ Eve.

We also thank Orla (dressed as St Therese) for leading us in the Angelus and to all the young people who brought forward coloured candles at the Intercessions (each candle representing the children of a different continent and those young people who have died).

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the All Hallows’ Eve party! A truly wonderful and hallowed time was had by all and what fantastic saintly costumes our young people were wearing! The twenty carved pumpkins with Christian symbols at the foot of the altar were a joy to behold. More than sixty young people attended this celebration and each went home with arms full of saint-themed goodies, glow-sticks and chocolates. The fireworks and sparklers were a real crowd-pleaser especially for the adults!

Thank you to everyone who fulfilled the All Saints Day Mass of Obligation at one of our three Masses! Thank you to everyone who attended one of the All Souls Day Masses in our community! Please do continue to pray for all the faithful departed of our parish family.


Happy Holy Cross Day!

The Cross is a symbol of love, sacrifice, forgiveness and suffering. All of these are qualities which Jesus showed us, and which we aspire to show in our own lives.

We look upon the Cross as a reminder to show love to others in whatever way we can.

We look upon the Cross and remember Christ’s sacrifice for us; what can we sacrifice for him? This is a reminder to think of others before ourselves.

We look upon the Cross and remember Jesus forgiving his tormentors – do we forgive ours?

We look upon the Cross and see Christ’s suffering for us. This reminds us that we too will experience suffering: physical, emotional, mental. Through our suffering, may our faith grow.

gingerbread-crossParishioners at Holy Cross Church celebrated the Exaltation of the Cross together. Following morning Mass, we all gathered to share memories and experiences of life in the parish over the years. Old photographs were discussed, gallons of tea and coffee were drunk, bottles of sparkling fizz were popped open and shared, but most popular were the 100 servings of hot, tasty sausage or bacon rolls which were eagerly consumed! Children of all ages played games and spent time with friends. Happy people left clutching their gifts of a gingerbread cross biscuit as a reminder of the day (except those who couldn’t resist and ate them straight away!)

Day Trip to Windsor

In August 2018, Holy Cross Social Committee arranged a visit to Windsor. A group of 15 people arrived at the pick-up point armed with sun lotion, packed lunches and plenty of water! With temperatures predicted at 30°C and above, they were ready for the weather!

On arrival at Maidenhead the group quickly made their way to the boat which would take them on a two-hour trip along the River Thames to Windsor. The gentle pace of the water, along with the breeze and beautifully picturesque views, made a relaxing change to the hustle of daily life.

As the boat neared Windsor, the delightful view of the Castle greeted everybody. The afternoon was spent exploring the many shops in Windsor, the parks, the river and, of course, the Castle too. It was a pleasant opportunity for people to come together, enjoy each other’s company and have a great day out.

May Devotions to Our Lady

On Saturday, 19th May 2018, guest speaker Brenden Thompson, who is pioneering a new initiative in the Church ‘Signs of Life’, gave a talk at both St Philip & St James’ Church and Holy Cross Church, Bedford as part of the May Devotions to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The day began with Morning Prayer and a Votive Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St Philip & St James’ Church. This was followed by a spiritual talk by Brenden who went on to lead the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary.

The morning was well attended and it was lovely to see old friends from St Thomas Aquinas Church in Bletchley who had come especially for the occasion. While we enjoyed refreshments afterwards, Brenden explained that a few days earlier he had also visited St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School in Bedford and had spoken to over 100 students.  Brenden has been visiting numerous Catholic schools throughout Our Lady’s month of May.

Brenden spent the afternoon at Holy Cross Church, where he gave a spiritual address for Confirmandee and spoke again at the 6.00pm Pentecost Vigil Mass.

It was a wonderful, spiritually uplifting day; Brenden’s devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, who always points us to Jesus, shone through. We also learnt even more amazing scientific facts about the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on St Juan Diego’s tilma.

The Easter Story Trail

The Easter Story Trail was brought to Bedford about seven years ago by Goldington Churches Together. Children from local schools are taken around by a story teller. This year it was held at Priory Church and over 300 children visited.

Missio Lent Workshops

Students of St Thomas More Catholic School (Brickhill) shared a Lent morning with Sheila Isaac from Missio and our own Sue Barter who is assisting with this papal charity through its school’s work.  An informative and prayerful assembly was followed by interactive workshops for Year 8 which considered how to look at life through a different lens! Sheila and Sue also met with representatives of our other Catholic schools, St John Rigby (Goldington) & St Joseph’s and St Gregory’s (Biddenham).


Burying the Alleluia Banner – Lent 2018

After Mass on the 11th February (the Sunday before Ash Wednesday), we buried the ALLELUIA BANNER created by our First Holy Communion candidates!

We give thanks for everyone who helped to create the banner, to those who dug the hole in the Church grounds, to those who took photographs, to our young people for their enthusiastic singing of various Alleluia chants and to all who came and participated in the solemn burial.  It was great fun!

People are encouraged to watch where the banner was planted (it is marked) for a miracle will take place there!  Where the banner is planted often daffodils emerge; these beautiful flowers are closely associated with death and rebirth and thus with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Why bury the Alleluia banner?  “Alleluia” comes to us from Hebrew and it means “praise God”. Traditionally, it has been seen as the chief form of praise of the great choirs of angels; of they who worship before the throne of God in Heaven.  “Alleluia” is most closely associated with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and therefore we omit this word from the liturgy during Lent.

Farewell Fr. Jonathan – Bedford 2017

Holy Cross Church Bedford Diamond Jubilee 1957 – 2017