Bishop Peter Doyle has been leading a process of renewal and reorganisation in our diocese through the concept of community.

The “Walking Humbly with our God” process that subsequently emerged was the invitation given to representative groups to prepare a ground-plan for the life and mission of the Church within each local area.

He has drawn together twelve characteristics of our life together that are vital to a thriving, contemporary Catholic community.

“Welcoming” was the first area to be progressed within Holy Cross Church, with a vision to ensure that the community is open, approachable and inclusive in all that it provides and does. Positive action is taken to make people feel welcomed and valued – not only at Sunday Mass but throughout its other varied activities.

A group of parishioners worked through some ideas about what changes could be made at Holy Cross Church. Some of the ideas that were implemented include:

  • Revised process for new Parishioners, including a Welcome Pack;
  • Monthly rota of Welcomers from Parish groups, at weekend Masses.

If you are interested in becoming more involved or have some ideas as to how we can make our Parish more welcoming then please complete the Contact Form.